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Christmas Draw Winners

Yesterday, we did the Christmas Draw (originally the Easter Draw). Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets and participated.

Listed below are the prize winners and their prize:

Hamper- Julie Dobson

Tube of Heroes- Ken Ormrod

Prosecco- Neil Shardlow

Doombar- Sue

Black Magic Chocolates- Louise Deer

Bottle of Rose- Neil Shardlow

Prosecco- Gary Sibley

Whisky- Aiden Chainey

Pink Gin- Mike Sparks

Tub of Roses- Ian Coombes (Jobber)

Tub of Quality Street- Damien Canty

Whisky & Coke- Eric & Jean Fielding

Vino & Glass- Matthew Pearce (Boxer)

Bottle of Shiraz- Andy King

Box of house wine- Shelley Butler

Small bottle of rose- Steve Pegler (Pegs)

Prosecco- Vicky Gingell

Spiced Rum- Tim Carpenter

Victoria Biscuits- Rich Fey

Please contact Darren on 07855742960 for details on how to collect your prize.


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